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Custom MWD Building Fabricated for Baker Hughes, Alaska, Delivers in Half Time 


Oilfield Instrumentation (OI), ABS's sister company, which provides real-time drilling instrumentation, gas detection, and hazardous environment labs, announced the 6-week turnaround of a completely customized, frigid temperature-ready oilfield building for Baker Hughes.


The 8’x24’ measurement-while-drilling (MWD) building includes OI’s standard features, like heavy 10-gauge steel construction, seal welded walls, and a three-coat marine grade paint system, but this unit was also outfitted with extra heating and OI’s proprietary special insulation system for comfort in extreme climates.


Completed in half the time of the industry-standard 12 weeks for such custom buildings, the MWD unit was designed by Baker Hughes and engineered by OI and ABS teams to house the client’s specific computer hardware and to maximize every inch of space. Once manufactured, the unit was transported to the client’s location in California for installation of its specialized computer equipment then delivered to its final destination in Alaska.


“Because we offer total solutions for our customers, from in-house manufacturing to delivery on our own dedicated trucks, projects like this, which require total customization are hassle-free for our customers and easy for us to carry out,” said Kenny Romero, vice president of OI’s Buildings division.