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ABS Exhibiting at PECOM 2012

Oilfield Instrumentation (OI), which provides real-time drilling instrumentation and engineering laboratories, and sister company Advanced Building Services (ABS) will be exhibiting for the first time at the Petroleum Exhibition and Conference of Mexico (PECOM 2012) in mid-June in response to heavy international demand.

Both companies will showcase their custom-designed oilfield buildings. OI will also be demonstrating its real-time drilling instrumentation software, and Rig Vision Mobile, its proprietary system for viewing critical well data on mobile devices.

"Our custom-built, certified buildings are becoming of heightened interest to companies operating in Mexico and we are responding to increasing numbers of requests for the high quality buildings we offer," said Peyton Reddick, president of Oilfield Instrumentation. "Our MWD buildings can be delivered from our Louisiana and Texas locations to Mexico in industry-leading turn-around times."

The companies will jointly present their solutions at booth numbers 419-421 and interested parties should contact Ken Romero at

Those interested in learning more about OI and ABS products may request their Spanish or English brochures by emailing with Spanish or English in the subject line.