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Remote Cleaning Bldg Ext.jpgOilfield Instrumentation, ABS's sister company, has delivered a unique 8’ x 8’ skid mounted, aluminum, remote cleaning building for use in oilfield and industrial areas. Features of the special building include a Panduit system for easy access to power, lighting and data infrastructures, eliminating the need to hide wiring behind walls where it can be difficult to reach and manage.


Inside, two control seats with joysticks and monitors allow technicians to operate robots which clean industrial and hazardous areas remotely. Safety features include emergency push-out windows and a securely fitted, reinforced door that was custom fabricated by Oilfield Instrumentation in-house. U.S. Coast Guard-approved mineral wool insulation makes the building effective for use in extreme temperatures as well as hazardous environments.


Outfitted with air condition and heat, the cabin has a roof-model, 15,000 BTU Coleman unit with heat strips.


Although lightweight, the structure is also built to withstand long-term harsh conditions and uses, having an aluminum skid foundation and pad eyes for lifting and transporting. Widely recognized for its quality in manufacturing, OI’s workmanship is evident in the construction of this unit. Welders with 25 years of experience each contributed to its strong and durable framework.


In addition to effective quality control, a benefit of having in-house manufacturing is efficient turnaround. This custom unit was completely manufactured and delivered by OI in approximately three weeks.

Remote cleaning bldg Interior